Drops of Fun

Just relax! Life is too wonderful to be sad, especially when you have great people around you. Try to stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive. Have fun as many times as you have the chance to! Hug your friends and show kindness!  Be open-minded and always look at people having a warm smile on your face. Make the days count and believe in yourself! Do foolish things while you are young, but stop when it is the right time. Be wild in thinking and brave in acts. Love what is good for your restless heart and fear nothing, except for the power of God!


  • Cămaşă H&M (Modern Clasic)
  • Broşă Camee
  • Jeans BSK
  • Geantă BSK (gift from 2 amazing friends)
  • Botine Eponge Fashion Paris
  • Inele H&M
  • Lanţ cu pandantiv H&M



f it

to J.





Drops of fun always do good to you!



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